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Marc-André was born with a musical soul; he possesses an innate ability to create melody from any old instrument and so it came as no surprise when, as a teenager, he picked up his first guitar and instinctively plucked away the first few bars of ‘Let It Be’, then promptly proceeded to learn the entire Beatles songbook.

Eventually he sought new challenges for his capable hands and woodworking seemed a natural fit. It was only a matter of time before the two talents merged. Driven by thriftiness and armed with a basic knowledge of woodworking and a few key power tools, Marc-André set out to build his dream guitar. A few months later a guitar was built, and a passion was born. He began scouring the internet, libraries and bookstores desperately seeking any and all information regarding the fine art of guitar building. Passion quickly turned to obsession and every superfluous moment was spent honing his skills, building new tools, finding better more efficient methods. Each bend became smoother than the last, each inlaid arch more precise.

In order to take his craft to the next level Marc-André enrolled himself in “The School of Acoustic Guitar Making” and studied under Australian Luthier Chris Wynne of A Master Class In Acoustic Guitar Making fame.

Needless to say, his hobby was all consuming and now, with the help of NOHFC and their Northern Ontario Entrepreneur grant, Marc-André has the opportunity to transform his passion into his livelihood. He has moved out of the dingy basements and garage workshops he had grown accustomed to and into his newly renovated workshop that would bring any craftsman to their knees.

Marc-André is intimately involved with every aspect of guitar construction, from hand selecting the tonewoods based on musical properties and sound possibilities, to precision tuning the pitch of the soundboard, back plate and case controlling the overtones and droning properties that will give the instrument its character. No detail is overlooked as Marc-André adds the final touches of custom inlay and ornamentation, strings up the instrument, and fine-tunes everything for that perfect set up.